Here are the absolute basics of the demigod world:

    • There are many demigods out there, but not many know they are one.
    • Most who wish they were one seriously or have had a serious interest in a certain god is usually one.
    • However, many people who do long to be a child of the gods or have a favorite god are not demigods.
    • Demigod children are rarely physically demigods in this day and age. Most demigod children are demigods by soul.
    • When a demigod is born, a new soul is created. Thus, your first life is the life you were born a demigod. 
    • It is impossible to have a life previous to that of your born-demigod life. 
    • As a demigod, you are always a demigod by soul and are reincarnated into human bodies as time passes. 
    • Many demigods have the ability to visit Olympus via astral projection with training. 
    • There are rare cases of reincarnated gods and goddesses as well as gods and goddesses born after mythology stopped being recorded.
    • However, it is unlikely that you are one of these cases. If you believe you are one, by all means, contact me and we can confirm it. 
    • Demigods usually have abilities relating to their god parent. It takes a lot of training and hard work to reveal and use these abilities, though.
    • There are cases of being blessed by a certain god. If you are not a demigod and still have an extreme adoration for a god, it is likely you are blessed by them.

                      If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me (Violet) or visit the forums to seek help from others.